The importance of having an engagement photo session prior to your wedding

Have you ever wondered why an engagement photo shoot is intensely significant and highly recommended prior to the wedding? Here are six reasons that clarify why it actually is!

  1. The special day, it’s finally official!

Couples nowadays usually have tons of pictures together. However, those pictures are usually Selfies and phone pictures and not professionally taken photos.

An Engagement photo shoot (to many couples) will be your first set of professional pictures with rings on your fingers. Keeping some good, clear and professional shots, as an engaged couple is definitely something you and your partner will want to throwback to down the road. It is one of the most memorable moments to hold on to.


  1. Getting to know your wedding photographer.

Getting to deal with your photographer and getting your photographer to know you and be more aware of the style of pictures you are interested in will be extremely beneficial on you’re wedding day. You and your partner will not have to spend time on unnecessary poses. In addition to that, you will develop trust in your photographer and you will not be stressed about the pictures going wrong.


  1. Taking a shoot in a special place to both of you.

On the wedding day, Pictures are usually limited by where the venue and/or the ceremony are done. On the other hand, the engagement photo shoot can be taken in one of the most special places to you and your partner (for example, where you spend most of your time together or where you first met).


  1. Practice posing.

If you haven’t done a professional photo shoot before, an engagement photo shoot is a good way to practice and not to be awkward in front of the camera on your big day. Practicing posing and being comfortable in front of the camera will result in considerably higher quality pictures on you’re wedding day.


  1. Wedding invitations

Using one of the engagement photos on the wedding invitations can look tremendously professional. For example, using the engagement pictures for “Save the date” invitations.


  1. Making memories and keeping photo albums.

Creating a photo album of the day you guys made it official can be something you and your partner would definitely want to go back and remember when the years pass by. Besides that, Keeping those pictures and showing them to your kids and grand kids.


For all the reasons listed above, Lotus production Complete Wedding & Event services offers a complimentary engagement photo shoot for couples who decide to book us for an all day wedding photography package.

By: Marina Hanen

Date: 02/16/2017


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